About Us

A team of international finance experts

Sirius-Sico-Huemisch Capital GmbH (SSH) are a team of international finance experts working together to ensure the financial stability and success for our clients. Whether you need assistance in dealing with a major development project, or financial support during a period of expansion and growth, our experienced team, working in partnership with our worldwide alliances can make the critical difference for you.

Why SSH was created

SSH was created to motivate our investors to look at not only projects that are financially viable, but also to try to highlight projects the promote economic empowerment, or those that have a humanitarian angle, and we have been offering our professional consulting services since 1996 to our global client base.

Our Values

We firmly believe that words that were once common values in business and throughout our society such as trust, honesty, integrity and responsibility are the very principles on which SSH was founded, and on which we continue to operate.


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