Dr. h.c. Christian W. Huemisch

Upon the completion of his professional tennis career, Christian has forged for himself a successful international career within Corporate Finance. He possesses over 20 years of experience in this field, and was headhunted into senior Corporate Finance roles for major international banks during the course of his career.

The Way Of Finance

Growing from a background in mobile
telecommunications finance, Christian expanded
the company’s portfolio to include other tangible
asset investments such as metals and mining,
industrial development and infrastructure. SSH
evolved and developed financial solutions, offering
a broad range of investment, advisory, project
finance and private client services. As SSH then
began to focus on Export Credit Finance and began
developing relationships with numerous Export
Credit Agencies around the word, Christian’s unique
“Way of Finance” became a catch-phrase of success
within the world of international project

CEO’s Service

Christian has served for the last 10
years as special advisor to
numerous international
investment boards, assisting in the
development of creative business
models and expansion plans, as
well as providing insight into
various global investment


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